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Adopt Your Next Best Friend with the Help of I'm With Fur and Arcade Creek Kennels

Friends! We are officially partnering with Arcade Creek Kennels to help our furfriends get adopted!

Why ACK you may ask? Easy: because they help all the dogs. The team at ACK takes in strays, surrenders and dogs taken in by Animal Control. Kennel is in the name but they have the space to let the dogs run freely outside in several fenced areas. The dogs are constantly on rotation to make sure everyone gets outside time and socialization.

My very good friend and her dog, Denali started working there a while ago. Denali was one of Bo's first friends and her mom, Silver was one of my mine when we first moved to California. Bo and Denali still cry when they see each other and we can't say the other's name without them getting excited!

From the beginning, Silver and I would help each other with any stray we came across and do what we could for our furfriends. It makes sense we both continued working with dogs!

Since Silver has been with ACK, our relationship and willingness to help our furfriends stayed intact. If anything, our resources grew and we were able to help more.

She would tell me about all the dogs they got in and we always talked about how we needed that Useless Farm more than ever!

The most recent dog we have helped was our friend, Fallon. Some of you may remember his name but he is a 7-year-old min pin who's family was retiring and could no longer give the care he needed. Fallon was described as Reactive and energetic and did not get along with other dogs. The parents were worried no one would take him in. Rather than euthanizing, they called me and I called Silver.

Between the two of us, we were able to take Fallon in. We tested him with other dogs (a couple of puppies on the other side of the fence) and although Fallon's hackles were up, he gave the puppies kisses! This was a good sign. We did more tests and within a couple of hours he was walking around with other dogs, with good body language! This was huge for him!

Which leads me to this blog: Because of the amazing work, love, compassion and my personal heroes at ACK, I wanted to return the favor. Silver and I talked and we agreed I would help spread the word of their adoptable dogs. So all I had to do was take cute pictures and talk about dogs?! Sign me up!

You'll now see the "Adopt" option on the top of I'm With Fur's website. This is where I'll be posting doggos that are ready to meet their new best friend! We already have a couple listed and Fallon is will be up soon!

I'm excited to help my good friend, Silver, Fallon and all of the other dogs ACK are already helping. You can follow I'm With Fur on Instagram for all the doggos. Get ready to see a lot of cute faces! We hope to see you at ACK to meet your new bestie!

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