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I'm With Fur is proudly partnering with Arcade Creek Kennels to help our furfriends find their forever home. Below are some friends ready to meet you!


This 7-year-old, with the spirit of a 3-year-old, holds a special place in my heart. Fallon was recently surrendered in September 2023. Since then we have learned he has motherly instincts and loves puppies. He gets along with dogs and still loves his humans. He will spend all day sitting on your lap, watching TV. He loves to play fetch and his stuffed Wolfie. Fallon is the reason all of this started. Like me and everyone at ACK, you will fall in love with him once you meet him.

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Virgil is a 2-year-old, male Husky who is super friendly. Unlike his Husky brethren, he is mostly quiet and loves the energy of all dogs and people. Like his brethren, he is "mouthy" and will place his teeth on you, as Huskies do. But no bites! His relationship with cats remain a mystery. Virgil loves the water. Loves the water almost as much as he loves puppies. Virgil knows his basic commands such as sit, stay and down. Unfortunately, getting him to do our taxes is harder to train than anticipated.

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Scruffy is a 10-year-old bat-Schnauzer mix. Rumor has it, he can hear a piece of kibble fall on a carpet from 3 rooms away He is new to the ACK at about 2 weeks but so far we have learned he is playful, knows his basic commands and gets along with other dogs. His ears are recognized in the city of Berlin as national landmarks. Scruffy is very sweet and just wants all the love and attention, he can already hear every sound there ever is.

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more friends coming soon!

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