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The Doctor is IN

Hi friends!

I have some exciting, helpful news: I'm With Fur has partnered with The Vets to be able to bring the doctor to YOU.

By now, I hope most of you know that I do not recommend any thing or any one that I have not personally used. This goes for The Vets! Because Bo is a perfect picture of health (yay!) with the help of my bestie and Bo's girlfriend, Lola, we had our visit!

Lola had redness around/in her ear and Mom was worried she had an ear infection. Enter: The Vets. The team helped me schedule the visit and get Lola's information. If there was a scheduling conflict, the Vets called me and had a backup plan in motion and ready for me to approve.

When it came time for our visit, two people came in, arms loaded with supplies and tools. Both women took some time to say hello to Lola and fed her some cheese to get her more comfortable. At this time, Lola was very sensitive about her ear and didn't let anyone touch it.

We did what we could. Lola was simply not having it and The Vets and I decided it was best not to completely traumatize her. However! They did not leave without talking to me about her symptoms and giving medicine they thought would help. Right there on the spot!

Lola was able to relax once they were gone (and I gave her more cheese) with the help of her emotional support boyfriend and a comfy place she comes to twice a week.

(I apologize for the messy pic below but the butt-to-butt is too real):

Some of you may know, I work with a lot of reactive dogs or dogs with separation anxiety (like Lola, when I first met her). I believe having the Vet come to you, in your home, with your protocols set up, can be much more comfortable for your furry friend!

The Vets were nice, professional, had great communication and it really stood out to me that they tried to get Lola to warm up to them before doing anything. One woman sat on the floor, feeding Lola cheese. If you've met me in real life, you know I'm always sitting on the floor with your furfriends.

We truly hope this helps some of you and what better way to kick off this partnership than with $50 off your first booking!?

You can click the Vets logo above to schedule your appointment and use promo code: imwfur50

If you have any questions about how Lola and I did, how to schedule an appointment, services or anything I can help with, please don't hesitate to reach out!

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