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Nominated for BEST Pet Daycare / Boarding

You read that right! I'm With Fur has been nominated by the community for Best Pet Daycare / Boarding in Sacramento and we are officially on the roster!

We are so humbled and surprised by this news and we cannot thank you all enough. We wouldn't be here if you didn't allow us, trust us, support us in helping you and your pets.

Win or lose, we won't stop doing what we love.

We have had those hard days: working 12-16 hour days, no days off for weeks, feeling like we're not spending enough time at home or with Bo (look at him!?).

Pushing bills back, forgetting to eat and having to rely on fast food, pushing our car to its limit because we don't have time or money to fix it right now, waking up early, crashing at 8pm.

Knowing that the community, that YOU, nominated us, makes it all worth it. It makes it seem like we are doing exactly what we should be doing. We're growing. We're helping. We're giving those pets the time, love and patience we would give to our own.

We're so excited to continue to grow. If you want to see us be THE BEST, vote for us every day!

Thank you for all your support.

Paws & People,

Nicole & Bo

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1 Comment

Cindy Schneider
Cindy Schneider
Sep 08, 2023

Nicole does a great job in caring for my anxious German Shepherd mix! I highly recommend her services and am so thankful she has been available to come to my house and take care of Hannah. I'll definitely use her services next time I go out of town. Thank you, Nicole!

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