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I'm With Fur is officially 2023 Sacramento's Favorite Pet Daycare / Boarding!

Holy cow! Thank you all sooo much. It is an absolute honor and completely surreal to be deemed your favorite! Thank you to all who voted again and again (and again). Thank you to my Pawrents for trusting me with your furbabies. Thank you to my furbabies for letting me love up on you and thank you to my dog, Bo, for allowing us to grow in such a way!

It has been a crazy adventure, lots of hard work, long days, learning experiences and I am so thankful to see it being recognized and valued. I appreciate all of you and will keep doing my best!

I’m With Fur started as a daydream, without a name and with a different dog.

I wanted to be a Veterinarian when I was younger but never pursued it. My passion for animals was still very prominent. I have had many animals throughout my life life such as: rats, goldfish, betta fish, hamsters, dogs, cats, ferrets, a flying squirrel and rabbit. I am an avid reader and was interested in their behaviors and how they communicate with each other and us humans.

I believe what sets me apart is, long before I’m With Fur was born, I was in pet care. I was always that friend who was asked, sometimes pleaded, to pet sit. I was the kid who asked her Mom for a dog every time she went shopping and called out, “Do you need anything?” I dreamed of a place with a lot of land to take in all the strays, abandoned pets, or ones who have been in shelters for too long. I called it my "Useless Farm" (name pending). My whole life I read and researched animal behaviors just because I was interested in learning how they talked to one another.

I’m still that kid that absolutely gushes when she meets someone’s pet for the first time (or 100th). I’m With Fur is successful because I believe every animal deserves the patience to be comfortable, safe and loved

I’m With Fur started on a third-party platform where I quickly realized I was limited on the type of care that I could give. Being a pet Mom myself, I know how challenging it is to find someone you can trust to carry out your specific instructions or training. I transitioned away from this platform to better customize options for my furfriends and give the care and love to these pets as if they were my own.

In August 2020, I started as a sole-proprietor and in April 2023, I became legit (an LLC) and couldn’t be happier!

You'll see me in part of Facebook groups where I have met some of my furfriends, where I work with trainers dealing with Reactive dogs and offer my services to those in need. The idea of this Useless Farm is becoming more and more tangible.

The goal of I’m With Fur is that of the farm: Patience, Love, Safety, Comfort, Empathy and Advocacy.

You'll still me chasing down the occasional stray, donating my time to get animals in shelters adopted or rescuing a baby squirrel (true story, I named him Cashew)

Thank you again to everyone who supports me. I won't stop doing what I'm doing, not only because I love it, but because I do it for the animals.

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