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Affordable Pet Services

That's one of my goals. As a single mother of a dog and rabbit, it's important to me to find affordable but trustworthy care. That is what I strive to do here at I'm With Fur.

I know how uncomfortable, nerve-wracking, anxiety-fueled it can be leaving your furbaby with a stranger. When I'm out of town, I am lucky enough to have people I trust to care for my babies but that does not mean I still don't get anxious. It's okay! Our feelings are valid. This is why I always encourage a meet and greet. It's important to me that you, Mom or Dad, and your pets feel comfortable with me.

I also find it important to regularly (some may call it "quarterly") check my prices and make sure I am in market but still affordable for the services I offer. I don't know about you but if something is too cheap, I get suspicious. I will do my best to always be straightforward about my pricing and services and this may mean you will see a fluctuation in pricing. But you will also see a chance to earn discounts and free services!

Life can get crazy and be filled with surprises but how much you're paying for something shouldn't be one of them. Don't you hate it when you visit a site and you have to call to get a quote? No? Just me?

Before I get too "sales-y," I'll stop. To recap: we want to be affordable. We want to be competitive. We want to be straightforward. We strive to earn and keep your trust. If anything seems off, we welcome the feedback! We thank you for being our friend and allowing us to love up on your pets. We couldn't do this without you!

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