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A Quick Guide to Walking Your Dog in the Summer

Hi Friends,

Summer is upon us here in Sacramento County! We just wanted to take this moment to remind you to be cautious when walking your pets.

Here at I'm With Fur we instill some rules to make sure all fleshfriends and furfriends are safe and comfortable! This means:

  • Always having water with us and for your pet

  • Having your pet wear shoes when applicable

  • Doing the pavement test before walks (put your palm to the pavement. Does it hurt? Is it too hot? If so, then it's too hot for paws!)

  • NOT walking when the pavement test fails and/or the outside temperature is above ~77 degrees F (we understand this can fluctuate)

  • NOT walking when the air quality is above a certain degree

We want to make sure everyone gets their exercise but that they are also enjoying the walk. If you have any questions or are unsure about how to proceed with the summer heat or fire or wind or drought, let us know! We are here to help. Stay safe!

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